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A little piece about me and my background: why I became a writer, my influences and my vision for the small screen. I'd be glad to answer any questions, or if you're an industry professional and would like a copy of my CV/resume, please get in touch.

This site is geared towards agents, producers and commissioners for television, as I seek to get my work produced. I have posted some samples of scripts, synopses and professional reviews of my work here. Full spec scripts and show bibles are available on request.

A selection of my short stories, articles and sample chapters of the novel I am working on, can be found here. As a writer I would be pleased to consider commissions or offers of publication, so if you like what you read I'd love to hear from you.

October 1st 2017


Time to start updating this website (after a couple of years break from it, a divorce, an MA and a few other lessons learnt along the way). Here's the MP3 file with an extract of Turning Misty, a three part drama for radio/podcast about an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl recruited by Mi5:









September 15th 2017


Coming up: Night of the Shorts (Oct 8th, 2017)


An evening of short films, theatre pieces and radio drama, written by the BSU 2017 Scriptwriting cohort. With entry costing just a pound, it promises to be a great value night out and fun for all the family...




December 6th 2015


After a great weekend at the Pixar workshop, and following meetings with some ex-BBC creative leaders, I now feel validated enough to launch Tribus  and am actively seeking production partners in the television and gaming industries. In the meantime I will continue to work on this, and other, projects.



August 15th 2015


Having spent the summer on a writing sabbatical (teaching, looking after kids, working on suntan, etc...) I'm now editing the final draft of Tribus, ready for its official launch with the final spec scipt. I'm available for online lessons and consultations by requent.



May 16th 2015


Like the rest of this website, and indeed my entire portfolio of work, this little news section will be in a perpetual state of 'in-work' for the foreseeable future. The only news I have for now is that the site is live, I am focussing all my efforts on getting the Tribus bible finished and ready to launch, and I will also be adding a few more short stories and articles to the 'other work' link, above.




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Turning Misty Ep 1 Act 1 Sample MP3 File