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Ben Krushkoff


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As a writer my vision for scripts and shows has been heavily influenced by what I consider to be the recent golden age of television: an era when subscription based networks have led the way in producing world class and mould breaking series. The multi-episode and season format, offering many hours of viewing to the digital generation, has enabled explorations of character and theme to reach depths never seen before in this medium. Complex, yet believable plots, set in very realistic worlds, have created a platform where viewers demand more than just entertainment. They need to be enlightened and shocked, to question their own beliefs and ideals - the modern audience needs to be tested. My aim is to create shows that follow in this vein; that make people think and talk, that educate as much as entertain; and to produce scripts that leave a lasting impression.


I got into the game quite late on, despite having a number of ideas for films and TV shows that had never been made before. I had written school plays and assemblies, in my youth, but it wasn't until I got approached to translate the dialogue for an animated foreign short, in my late thirties, that I realised I could actually write and get paid for my efforts. Finding true pleasure in the process of a job was an alien concept to me, as well as a career changing moment, and following other events that would shape my life forever, I decided to give up a full-time teaching role and joined the writing programme at Bath Spa (one of the most well renowned writing courses in the UK).  


I’ve been privileged to develop my craft under the tutelage of some world-class writers, who have encouraged me to explore different disciplines and styles, in an environment which encourages workshopping and collaboration. My growing portfolio, showcased on this site, is a reflection of this, with some short stories, articles, and the opening chapter of an autobiographical novel sat alongside the outline of my treatments for the small screen. However, writing for television is where my passion lies and I remain focussed on developing key projects and getting them produced.


If you are interested in my existing work, an industry professional looking for some original content, or have found this site by chance and want to get in touch, I'd love to hear for you.


On our own we are drops of water. Together, we can be an ocean.



Ben Krushkoff


Online Lessons (New Autumn/Winter 2015):


I'm currently offering a limited number of writing and English Language classes, online. Click here for full details.