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When I set out on the writing path I was certain that I wanted to produce scripts. That didn't, however, stop me from wanting to learn the craft from the bottom-up, hence why I moved to Bath and found myself a gig masquerading as a student of Creative Writing at the age of 37.


My work on my debut novel is on the back-burner, but from time-to-time I may come up with a chapter or two, a short-story or an article that somebody has, or hasn't, asked me to write.


I'll post some samples of this work here, and would be glad if you read them and posted some feedback. Praise and criticism will be welcomed in equal amounts.


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If you are interested in representing or publishing my written work please get in touch.



Jay's Grave


"Very engaging and well written...excellent work, very fluent and convincing!"


R.B. Royal LIterary Fellow


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agent: TBC

writer: [email protected]



Jay's Grave reading:


'..a terrifying tale of why you shouldn’t mess about with the supernatural.


Pie Magazine

A short exploration about an ill-fated trip to Morocco, as two brothers step-off the ferry on New Years Eve, 1997. Written as a travel brief, but also tied in with other recollections and approached in the same autobiographical style as Boat on the River.



Bad Tangierian Dream

Deep in the heart of Dartmoor, miles away from anywhere, there lies a grave of the body of a young woman. Legend has it that ever since the day she was buried, several hundred years ago, a fresh bunch of flowers is laid on her grave every day, yet nobody knows by who. A group of teenagers decide to investigate on a fateful night that would change their lives forever.  

Jay's Grave

Serving as a demonstrative piece of life-writing, Boat on a River is also the planned title of a future novel about my life and relationship with my father. This first drafted chapter, done as part of my studies, is a recollection of the day I nearly drowned in the River Trent; my first memory and also my first brush with death.

Boat on a River


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