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Whilst various projects are currently 'on hold' as I go about launching Tribus, I have posted small synopses for your consideration from my portfolio, and the odd scene or two for general review.


Finished work is available on request, including my show-bible for Tribus and other full spec-scripts: please follow the links for each individual item by following links on pieces, below.



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agent: TBC

writer: [email protected]

Tribus is a 9 part television drama, which looks at the incredible true story of an English tribal leader before, during and after the invasion of Rome in the first millennium.




A one hour TV comedy-drama about a late middle-aged TV game show presenter as his world falls apart before him.


Once upon a time in Wessex



P.J.Tutor and BBC writer:


"An ambitious and impressively executed piece of script writing for TV. Presentation and formatting are perfect and...writing demonstrates an acute awareness of  medium, genre, audience and industry expectations"



"Thoroughly researched and compellingly presented...I was deeply engaged reading this; not only by the detail, depth and insight of this meditation but also by the very apparent passion manifest (throughout this piece)."



Most of my ideas for new work comes from me doodling down some short scenes with characters I think would be interesting, who subsequently take on a life of their own after that.


I am keen to continue writing short pieces and will be posting occassional links of them here.

Random shorts


"Gough: very convincing script - presents an interesting and conflicted scenario that I would like to see developed. The character and his challenges have my attention...! Outstanding.'


R.B.Royal Literary Fellow

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'A reet good idea, that!'


Barry, Yorkshire.




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Screenplay - coming soon.