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51AD. An interrogation of a Celtic warrior, by a Praetorian General and an unknown British translator, gets underway in a prison carriage, as it prepares to set off on a journey across the ancient lands of Northern England. The captive has a cloth draped over his head; his muscular torso is heavily scarred. We don't know why he has been arrested or where is he being taken, but with the lives of his family at stake he reveals a story about the tribes of Ancient Britain. As the carriage heads off, it is revealed that this one man is being guarded by an entire cohort of elite Roman soldiers. But why?


The unknown prisoner's tales begin 30 years prior to his arrest, at a gathering of the clans in the South. Led by the mighty Cunobeline, de facto ruler over large swathes of Britain, tribal leaders from across the island join together to celebrate the great Celtic festival of Beltane. Over the course of a consequential weekend, a chain of events unfold that will pit the tribes into conflict and spark a rivalry amongst Cunobeline's three sons, that reaches a dramatic climax at the end of the first season.


Tribus, Season One, reveals the start of a true hero's story; a coming of age, which takes place in a world ruled by tribes. He will one day become their leader, the man who stood up to an Empire, but his incredible journey, in a world full of mysticsm and rage, is never far from danger. When his family get involved in a conflict with a neighbouring rival, war engulfs the island, but there are even greater dangers emerging, which go on to threaten the lives of them all..

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