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Tribus is a historical drama treatment written for television, which fictionalises the incredible, yet unheralded, true story of the feuding tribes of Ancient Britain and the rise to power of their eventual leader, before, during and after the Roman conquest of 43 AD.


Told over multiple seasons, the show, which examines a pivotal part of European history, aims to canonise the protagonist as one of the great British heroes: the man who led a decade long resistance against the most powerful force the world had ever seen.  


Set in a mystical, often brutal, Iron Age world, the narrative is a fusion of historical fact with ancient myth and storytale, told for the first time to a modern audience from the Celtic perspective, as a civilisation faces up to its demise.


The episodes adopt non-linear timelines and are told from a variety of perspectives, but are bound together by the fateful tale of a masked prisoner on a journey from the north of England to the very heart of Rome. Who is he? How did he get there? What makes his stories so special?


Written for the post-watershed, international market, Tribus has been developed over the last 2 years, following an intense period of academic research. The writer is currently seeking production and commissioning partners for the first series which has already received a host of excellent reviews from scriptwriters, actors and critics.


Tribus, the Latin translation of tribes, is a unique and bloody insight into a little known part of a great nation's history.


The story of its hero is one that should be known by us all...



Available as a nine episode season (with an option for two more), plus gaming and publication rights.